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Laser Welded Diamond Ring Saw Blade For Concrete - Turbo + Matrix Segments


This laser welded diamond ring saw blade is used to make cutting on stone, bricks, asphalt, various concrete for hand-held ring saw machine, such as Husqvarna/Hycon ring saws.


Tubo segments is benefit for fast coolant, and under same bond condition, the cutting speed and life of blades with diamond matrix segments are both minimum 20% more than other regular blades.


Soft bond for fast cutting, max cutting depth up to 260mm, usually for the construction of cutting reinforced concrete and railway concrete sleeper, etc., also be used for housing decoration wall window, cutting small openings and a small amount of adjustment windows, indoor and outdoor from brick to reinforced concrete various types of cutting, Pipeline installation, material removal, widely used in municipal construction projects, fire rescue, demolition, road and bridge construction, road maintenance, housing demolition, power repair and other mobile field operations.


It can be used dry, but will give better performance and life used wet.




Code No.


Segment Spec.

(W x H mm)

Segment Type Inner Hole Max Cutting Depth













The about specifications & photos is for reference, other specification may be available as per demand.



Warm Prompt:

For your personal protection, to take good care of your eyes/ears/face/hands/body/etc., before you start working we recommend that you wear safety glasses, dust aspirators, welding gloves, safety shoes, and other appropriate equipment.






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