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Diamond Concave Saw Blades - Continuous Turbo Rim with Protecting Teeth


Diamond concave saw blades continuous turbo rim with protecting teeth can be used in radius cutting, diameter from 4"(105mm) - 7"(180mm) for dry cutting circles or curved line on the slab, countertops, etc. The protection on the both in- and-out side provide faster cutting on various stone or granite, fast cutting and good life time.


1. Producing tech.: hot-press sintered;

2. Outer diameter: 105mm, 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm;
3. Segment Height: 8mm;
4. Bore Size: 16mm, 20mm or 22.23mm;
5. Application: nature stone(granite/marble), engineered stone, quartz, etc;
6. Dry or wet use, water coolant is benefit for longer cutting life.




Code No.


Bore (mm)

Segment Type

Segment Height






Continuous turbo rim

with protective teeth



CD-CSB-02-02 115mm(4.5")








Our concave blade is a good choice for your cutting sinkholes or other inside arcs. The blades use soft bond for fast aggressive cuts on various stones including hard granite. They can be run on most electric grinders and will cut through either 2cm or 3cm stone. They have core protection on the inside and the outside of the blade to help reduce heat build up and to prevent binding. They will also give you a smoother finish.



The about specifications & photos is for reference, other specification may be available as per demand.



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